Here you can make your team to participate in the Great Derby, all these pigeons are from famous colonys of OLR

Sporting Pigeons Team (Champions of the world in OLR)
 Asas do Algarve Columbofilia
3º and very soon we will have also 48 pigeons from Winkie Pigeons.

Quality is a choise

Each activation will cost 150 euros.

The pigeon will have all rights to all the amounts in dispute if the pigeon disappears up to 1 ace pigeon race you will be able to activate another pigeon. In other words, with 1 activation you are guaranteed to participate at least in 1 ace pigeon race qualified to all the prizes in dispute.

Each Activation will grant the pigeon to compete until the final race without no extra payment  

If the pigeons get lost until the first money race you can pick another one 

Payments by PAY PAL :

Bank Transfer : PT50 0018 000348388698020 75 

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