Official Regulation


1.Participants / Who can participate?

Federated and non-federated fanciers can participate, non-federated the organization will proceed to its registration in the Portuguese Federation of Columbofilia.

2. Cost of registration:

Only 2020 ringed babes will be able to participate in this Championship. have to be approved by the Association Columbófila of the District of Faro, Federation Portuguese Columbophilia Association and International Columbophilia Federation

-Inscriptions of 7 Pigeons per Team.

- Cost of registration fee 350 €

All incoming Pigeons will be donated to Clube Columbófilo Bias do Sul or by these
acquired and their value is stipulated by the classification they may achieve.

Registration can be done on the Site or by email, you can also print and fill out the registration form
registration available on the Site and send it to the Pigeons

Date of receipt of Babes / Means for delivery:

The reception of Borrachos takes place from 1 August to 31 October 2020, and must be Accompanied by the respective property title and Pedigree with the address and contact of the Participating team as well as the NIB / IBAN number in which they wish to receive the values corresponding to your pigeons.

Borrachos for adduction must be aged 35 to 45 days and will be accommodated in Pombal the Columbódromo of the Clube Columbófilo Bias do Sul built for this purpose, being responsibility of the Direction of Clube Columbófilo Bias do Sul.

It is mandatory to send the title deeds to the pigeons to validate your registration.

VERY IMPORTANT: Babies should be sent vaccinated with a vaccine approved by DGV, and then revaccinated in the loft Adduction / Losses / Replacement:

-In case of death, disability or accident, Borracho can be replaced until October 31, 2019, without additional costs, and the transport will be carried out by the participant.

Timetable and Transportation for Training and Competitions (Free Practice and Timed Practice Championships Speed; Middle Fund)

The Pigeons will participate in 10 unofficial training sessions and in 6 events of the AGD Winter Race 2021 Championship, 3 of which will be over 200kms and 3 will be halfway which includes the final between 300 and 500kms which will count towards the middle fund championship. They are entitled to all the Reimbursements in dispute in these championships and to all the Material prizes in dispute at Clube Columbófilo Bias do Sul.

Prizes for, Best Speed Pigeons and Best Middle Pigeons and also for the best pigeons in the General of the 6 Speed and Middle Bottom / Final Tests


After the end of the Championship, the Borrachos will be auctioned and all pigeons will be entitled to 50% of their value as long as they reach the amount of 100 €.
This value is calculated after removing the expenses for the Auction, which are set at 30% Gp Loft or Others and 35% international sites, and the organization may make an agreement with a website of greater international prominence in which the percentage is higher .
We are a family owned and operated business.

Important Note: Only pigeons that have been accompanied by the pedigree at the time of delivery or up to 15 days before the final race of the Championship will be entitled to this value.

All pigeons that exceed 100 € in the sale will be entitled to this contribution.

Prize delivery:

The Organization will organize a prize-giving gala

A section will be created at where participants will be able to access the credits page where they will be updated weekly with the amount earned by the teams.

The prizes are subject to tax at the legal rate in force.


The Classification of Pigeons will be made on the basis of 50% of the Encestados in the First Official Test and will be maintained until the end and in all the tests they will classify the same number of Pigeons.

The First will have as a Score the number of points equivalent to 50% of the pigeons in the basket and the last pigeon in the classification will make 1 Pt. These Values remain fixed until the end of the Championship.

For the team championship, the first two pigeons of each team will count since
rated within 50%

For the Championship by pigeon will count the sum of the points achieved by each pigeon to
individual title within the 50% classified, in the sum of the 6 races of the championship.

If for any reason any test is not carried out, the organization will carry out one or more tests to replace those which are not carried out with a distance similar to the calendar.

The baskets for the tests will be supervised by members of the technical council of the columbophilic club Bias do Sul as well as other groups.

All Evidence will be carried out in a transport legalized for that purpose and with the Georeferencing system

If the 200 teams are not reached, the value of the prizes will be recalculated and adjusted to the value of the registered teams in a percentage. Since if the value of 200 teams is exceeded these will also be increased

Note that all payments will only be accepted by bank transfer or payment by Paypal. And all of these must be done for the organization and not for third parties

Team Payments must be made to:

Bank Identification Number (IBAN):

Name: Clube Columbófilo de Bias do Sul

IBAN: PT50 0018 000348388698020 75

​Omitted Cases:
All Omissions cases will be resolved by the CLUBE COLUMBÓFILO BIAS DO SUL management.

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