Official Rules

Algarve Great Derby 2020

This regulation and values presented therein refer to a participating teams 1000 (3 + 2) equivalent to 3000 Athletes fee.
Participants 5000 Athletes
If this number is not reached all values and other criteria will be adjusted according to the percentage fee athletes.
Athletes reservation does not consider Athletes paid so far to be activated
Since the organization undertakes to disclose the amounts in dispute until 30 July 2020, values which may be updated depending on the final activations if the organization its sole discretion.

1. The Participation is open to all Pigeons / Athletes, national and international, and all must be approved by the official ring Association / Federation of Portuguese Pigeon / Columbófila International Federation (FCI) of 2020.

All participants must be of South Bias Columbófilo Club Partners with Quality Partners of Participants and therefore pay the respective annual quota.

2. The price of the participation of each team will be composed of 500 € 5 Athletes (3 + 2) of which 3 are effective and 2 Reserve. All-Partners Participants who submit more than 12 athletes they will be divided into groups of 12 due to the participation of the Algarve Great Derby in FCI Pigeons Grand Prix. Of which € 250 will be annual quota Relating (Exempt from VAT) and € 250 will refer you register for the event (including VAT at the rate of 23%)

3. These groups should be identified by the participant otherwise the organization reserves the right to randomly the group

Athletes reserve, participate in all events entitled to all amounts in dispute until the 3 Proof of Pigeon ACE if reaching the semi-final and Final and the team still keep 4 or 5 elements Athletes Reserve must be enabled to participate in 2 following tests (Semi Final & Final) by paying a registration Extra worth 150 € (VAT at the rate of 23%) per athlete.

C aso the Socio-Participant does not activate them they can be activated by third parties, in which case the amount corresponding to these athletes, who eventually they may prove to be awarded will be for whom the activated. Athletes reserve always participate in the Semi Final & Final Test, and are part of the team standings in which it was registered.

Athletes reserves can not change the same team that they belong to the same socio-Participant. The bank charges for transfers to the Algarve Great Derby / South Bias Columbófilo Club are the one who makes the transfer Responsibility, any cost associated with transfers can be attributed to the club 

4. Existirá a unique activation period to the owner and the last 48 hours of activation period will be extended to third parties if the pigeons are not yet activated, this information will be exclusively on the Website so it is essential to your query.

Very Important: All Athletes Reserve must be activated to be entitled to assign values to the semi-final and final test, if the team still keep 4 or 5 elements. If you already are not present some 1 or 2 elements of the Athletes reserve team will be automatically activated depending on the respective case.

Pigeons of Bid Teams 9 + 1 are all automatically activated.

Athletes Offered in the Offer of 9 + 1 will not be counted as Paid Athletes 

5. The Socio-Participant activated the Athlete for the final will be entitled to the value assigned to the athlete and not the value of the auction even this amount will be the partner-participant that sent the athlete as well as materials that awards the athlete may eventually come to win.



All Pigeons / Athletes should be titrated in individual name Socio-Participant or on behalf of a team chosen by him.


(No owner of any OLR benefit from special conditions of participation in the Algarve Great Derby including having to activate your pigeons Reserve if this activation may be requested on the Website


6. Each Socio-Participant may enter teams to understand, and one partner - Participant register 9 teams the organization will offer a free team 9 + 1 Team Since Free team all athletes are enabled. They may be formed groups of Partners participants to take advantage of the offer team since the team's name has something in common.

7. The reception of Babes Athletes takes place from 01 April to 31 May 2020 and should be accompanied by their title of ownership and Pedigree with address and contact the owner as well as the IBAN number in which they seek to receive values assigned to the pigeons. The Taxpayer Number Socio-Participant shall be provided to the organization at the time of Registration or renewal thereof. 

8. Se any athlete get lost in adduction may be replaced by 31 May 2020, at no extra cost, the Members, Participants will be contacted by the organization whenever a replacement is necessary, the Partners Participants are responsible for the expenses of bringing pigeon alternate to Columbódromo. For transportation prices Contact the organization or the country of origin Agent

9. The Babes for adduction should have the age of 40 to 50 days and will be accommodated in the Columbódromo South Columbófilo Bias club built for this purpose is the responsibility of the Directorate of South Columbófilo Bias Club.

10. The pigeons must be vaccinated against PMV, 20 days prior to shipment. (MANDATORY)
will be sent to the organizer
South Bias Columbófilo Group
Pombal Algarve Great Derby
Street of the Holy Sources # 2
8700 South Bias - Olhão.
Shall indicate the fancier Group of South Bias as the recipient of the order, in all cases the direction of the fancier bias southern club should be contacted to schedule the survey for international shipments, contact our international promoter (contacts on the web site).
In the case of transport by air to make the destination airport must be the smell.

After they have entered the loft the pigeons are in the care of the Columbófilo South Bias Club Director and the 150 winners of the Final Test, become their property after the payment by the organization to the Members-participants the stipulated values ​​(amounts in dispute ) in the order of ranking, which amount corresponds to the purchase price of the pigeon by the organization. 

11. The birds must accompany the vaccination certificate of the country of origin which is one essential rule will participation of pigeons in the Algarve Great Derby. Card property (Required) and pedigree in a sealed envelope that only opens the organization after the final loose. It became a mandatory rule of the Portuguese Pigeon Racing Federation All participating pigeons in OLR in Portugal having Property Title to enable them to effectively participate in the OLR, so all the pigeons that do not have property titles will these be ordered will FPC and cost of 2 € per pigeon will be charged to the participant as it had not sent the original along with the transportation of pigeons.

There is a possibility of participation of pigeons from third countries and these pigeons are subject to a period of quarantine to hold the Quarantine Center of the Portuguese Federation of pigeon racing, which is the responsibility of cost-Partners Participants.



All Athletes / pigeons will be auctioned after the final test on behalf of Socio-Participant, the Algarve Great Derby organization will coordinate sales of pigeons to National Auctions companies and International, hire Photographers and pay other inherent ace sales expenses . After Selling Organization withdraw to the sale value, amounts spent them with the same taxes, photographs and commissions of auction companies, and send to the owner 50% of the remaining amount and the other 50% will be delivered to Columbófilo club South bias as commission for its service. All Partners Participants have right to% of the sale of its athletes since it presents a pedigree on sale.

If the athletes do not are accompanied by full pedigree (father, mother and grandparents) or that do not arrive in the race until the Showdown the Socio-Participant shall not be entitled to your % Value Sale Athlete / Pigeon.

If the Athlete / Pigeon return to auction a second time reverses this value to the organization, not having the right to any participant funding.
The values of the auctions will be credited to the accounts of participants only after their delivery and good charge for that if the pigeon is returned for non-payment the participant will be informed.


The Algarve Great Derby does not have a sales website for the auctions will be organized by Websites chosen by the organization but independent, all Auction acquired pigeons payments should be made to the websites where they were bid.

12. Poderá make your application through email, or directly on the website should later and within 15 days to make payment of 10% of its share to ensure their participation.
The Algarve Great derby has limited the loft Pigeons 5000

13. Em case of cancellation this amount is non refundable. Registration may be paid in cash or by bank transfer, in this case with expenses paid by the consignor.
Name: Columbófilo Bias Club South
NIB: 0045 7104 40298003202 86
IBAN: PT50 0045 7104 4029 8003 2028 6

14. The encestamentos to the Contests, semi final and final test will be organized by the technical council of the fancier group of South Bias, with the supervision of elements of the technical advice of our partner institutions, the Final will feature the supervision of elements of FCI designated for this purpose. The pigeons will be accompanied to the place of loose by elements of the technical advice of our partner institutions that oversee the release to be carried out with the support of a national meteorologist indicated by the FPC.

15. No loft Athletes / pigeons will be analyzed regularly by the official veterinarian

16. Alguma event that originated conflict not covered by this Regulation shall be determined by the organization, and this decision will be sovereign.

17. The official regulation will be in Portuguese and will be put on the event website, for any translation into another language can cause misunderstandings.

18. Os pigeons will be housed in the Columbófilo South Bias Columbódromo club and there are the same conditions for all the pigeons, will only perches and there will be no separation of sexes.

19. Haverá in dispute in the Algarve Great Derby in 2020, five competitions, including the semi-final, final over Pigeon Championship ace. € 250,000.00 (Two hundred and fifty thousand Euros) in case they enter 3000 Pigeons Paid.

20. Para win PIGEON Ace, the pigeon must compete in the final competition and rank within the PIGEON TO classification - In case of averages tie after the completion of five contests, the pigeon with the highest score in the final test will be the winner premium PIGEON ACE.

finding time Criterion

In all events the ACE PIGEON classification ends after eight hours of arrival of the first pigeon cashing dead hours (if any)

21. The pigeons do not return in finding time in the final test, they will not be included in this competition PIGEON ACE.

22. The winner will be the pigeon with the highest sum of the average of the five contests, including semi final and final test, if not carried out any evidence to tell the Pigeon ace, to find the winner have the tests carried out. 

23. The loft is located in one of the zones more beautiful Algarve 5000mts of one of the seven natural wonders of Portugal the Ria Formosa. It is 5 kilometers from the beautiful city of Olhão, the cradle of the Ria Formosa and famous for its islands (Ilha da Armona and Fuseta) and food (seafood and fish) just 15 kilometers from Faro International Airport. The event administration is in charge of a team, all of it with many years of experience in this sport and organization of events. COLLABORATION Meteorological Support Made Available by FPC National and International employees to disclose on the event website. Veterinary Officer Columbódromo, Drº. Ruben Jerome. Columbófilo Group Bias South and its employees

The arrival of observation system of pigeons in training and tests is an official electronic system and authorized by Benzing brand FPC.

24.The Pombal is equipped with the new Speed ​​antennas capable of recording more than 1000 birds per minute without missing a single record. We want this to give participants an assurance on the reported results, the results may be accompanied at all the evidence live OLR system BENZING brand prepared for the OLR, the electronic system is an approved system for FPC 


25. Todos training and evidence to dispute and scheduled may be changed due to weather conditions or other unrelated to the organization. The organization's decision is final.

26. The all pigeons enter the loft will be given an electronic chip, the loft will provide equal conditions for all athletes and that there will be no separation of sexes and only have perches at disposal

27. All amounts in dispute will be subject to applicable taxes. Given the binding opinion of the AT for athletes from Portugal values ​​attributed will be subject to withholding for personal income tax effects, value at this point is 25% which however may change in accordance with national law 

28. All partners-participants to make the payment of the share deemed to be informed of all aspects of this regulation

29. Participation only becomes effective once paid all amounts due (and share registration), and if not made the payment the registration / participation is canceled before the showdown even if basketing pigeons participate in it, activated the 3rd.

30. In the loft will be used the national rules on non-use of drugs and the official veterinary visits will be constant.

31. The organization will address invitations to institutions in the city of Olhão, in order to get their participation so that these athletes can participate in the Algarve Great Derby, the revenue from these pigeons after removal of the auction will be in the organizational costs its entirety to the participating entities not wanting the organization any amount, This support will be given by way of donation. These pigeons will participate in all events until the semi-final and the best of these pigeons classified in pigeon ace will win the right to participate in the final race of the Algarve Great derby.


The Organization wishes all participants a great experience in what is already one of the Best One Loft Races of Europe

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